Join the Carnival of Future Millionaires!

I'll be hosting the new Carnival of Future Millionaires next week June 19th. Submissions are due by Sunday June 18th by 5:00pm EST. This week topic is "who wants to be a millionaire?" and will feature articles from those people who are interested in attaining millionaire status. Your article should be informative, and have a specific date set of when you want to be a millionaire, also include how you will accomplish it - do you have your own business, are you in real estate, stocks, etc. I am also looking for people to host this Carnival. You can sign up at Blog Carnival or send me an email.

Include the following and email your submissions to by Sunday June 18th by 5pm EST

- name of post
-title of author (or pen name)
-trackback link
-summary of post
-your blog url

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