The Importance of Goals

Without goals we have nothing to shoot for, nothing to measure our progress, we are lost. Creating goals is the easy and helps you get motivated. Writing down your goals make you accountable. Put your goals in a place where you will see them every day. After you set your goals and you have the end in sight develop a plan to reach it. The hardest part is taking action and following through with the plan. At the beginning of each month I'll write some goals and assess at the end of the month. These are my goals for June:
  1. Get 5,000 page hits - I'll do this through posting well written articles, participating in forums, providing productive comments on PF Blogs, and submitting my articles to carnivals
  2. Create 3 streams of passive income totaling $100 - I'm utilizing different advertising programs, and will seek out more sponsors, if your interested contact me
  3. Create 1 business - I will establish at least one business this month
  4. Get mentioned in 5 blog carnivals - this will only be accomplished through hard work, and interesting, intelligent writing
  5. Increase networth by $2000 - continue saving with my current budget
If you are also goal oriented post a comment and I'll set up a forum where everyone can post their personal goals.

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