How to Tackle an Unpleasant Task

Procrastination is like an illness. The longer you it contiues, the worse off you are. Destroy procrastination and stagnationation by getting your ass in gear. If you are putting something off it is probably because you don't want to do it. It may be cleaning out the closet, or writing a paper. Whatever it is, is not something that you like to do, or it'd be done by now. Here is how to get into action. Get a timer and set it for 30min. I have a quick alarm on my phone that I use. For that 30min devote your total concentration to the task no matter how large and luminous it may seem. Break it up into smaller parts that you can chew. After 30min take a 10min break, you've earned it. Then get back at it until you are exhausted or until the task is complete. Another option is doing a little each day but this doesn't apply if the deadline is soon and you don't have any more time to delay.

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