How do you create wealth? 3 different ways

Many people work at a job for money, trading their time and labor for money. Labor can be either mental or physical and your actual job or what you do at work can be an infinite number of things. There are traditional and non-traditional jobs some are clearly defined such as a doctor or a teacher, others are more ambiguous such as financial specialist, vice president of information technology. Directly trading your time and labor for money is just one way to create wealth. Wealth can be created by investing money into an assest that appreciates or grows in value over time. The only work you do is researching the investment and monitoring it, which can be as often, occasional, or never. The time you put into investments can be far less than the time you put into your job. Initially you may spend hours, or days researching, but once you find a good investment, you set it up and it can automatically increase in value over time, without you putting more physical work into it. Another way to create wealth is by creating a business, which provides either products or services, something of value to customers. Initially again, the process of setting up and creating a business takes a lot of hard work, time and energy, but the returns you can make on a successful business are limitless. Instead of buying stock, you could be the one selling shares of stock. Then there are royalties and payments from copyrighted material, which is used by permission of the author, an example would be writing a book and selling it, or writing a song, and selling it. There are many ways to create wealth and it is important to remember that working at a job is not the only way to make money. A stable job may be the safest bet, and if you are good at your job and love what you do, stick with it, but if you find yourself dreading work consider your options. Find out what your passion in life is and get involved in that area.

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