Home Depot sells chocolate!

Recently Home Depot made a $40 million dollar deal with Hershey chocolate company to sell Hershey's candy and products. After a successful test study done in selected Philadelphia Home Depot stores, the deal was made. Look for Hershey's in the check out line at the Home Depot. Last time I was in Home Depot I saw a Dunkin Donuts, amazing. You made have seen similar pairings such as McDonald's in Walmart, or Starbuck's in Barnes and Nobles. Companies make huge deals to make more money. How can you use these same ideas to make more money. It's called creating partnerships, or wheeling and dealing. If you are not good at something or don't know how to do it, get a professional to do it. Create a deal that will benenfit the two parties involved. Make sure you have something valuable to offer and be sure that you get something of value in return. Use synergy - where the combined efforts of two independent parts work together creating a sum greater that each one of the parts could create alone. For example if you want to create a website, but lack the required knowledge, barter with a web designer and get a discount by advertising their services on your site. Make partnerships, team up with those who are better than you, and they will help you to become better. If you could pick your own basketball team who you pick Micheal Jordan or the short skinny white kid? Learn from the best, ask a lot of questions, be humble, specialize in one area, but be knowledgable about many. Know when to ask for help, and don't be afraid of failure.

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