Don't Lend Money to Your Friends - Learn from my mistakes

Whatever you do, don't lend money to your friends. Even if they are really in trouble, my advice is just don't do it. Why? Because it will only stress the relationship. Your friend will be in a compromised position. I tell you this because one time I lent one of my good friends some money and it took him a very long time to pay it back. It caused a lot of tension in our relationship which could have been avoided. I repeat don't lend money, unless you are a bank and can receive interest on the loan.

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  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    You are so right. It's also amazing how many friends you have sfter you loan that first friend some money. They dont make it obvious they just gradually migrate to you. If I had back the money I've loaned out I'd have a hefty sum.


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