Did I meet my goals?

Previously I posted some goals at the beginning of the month, now 30 days later I will check my progress. Here are my Goals for June:

1. Get 5,000 page hits - I'll do this through posting well written articles, participating in forums, providing productive comments on PF Blogs, and submitting my articles to carnivals
2. Create 3 streams of passive income totaling $100 - I'm utilizing different advertising programs, and will seek out more sponsors, if your interested contact me
3. Create 1 business - I will establish at least one business this month
4. Get mentioned in 5 blog carnivals - this will only be accomplished through hard work, and interesting, intelligent writing
5. Increase networth by $2000 - continue saving with my current budget

What did I do?
  1. My total page hits are up to 4,249 so I did not reach 5,000 - I did not follow through with frequent posting, and commenting like I originally intended due to vacation and family obligations. I must admit I'm dissappointed with the quality of my writing lately. I'm working on developing a more organized system of posting good, useful information for readers.
  2. I have more than 3 streams of passive income (made up mostly of different sponsors and text advertisements) but they do not total $100, much less in fact. I believe that this goal was a bit too high to reach. My passive income this month was pretty poor coming in at less than $20. I contribute this shortcoming to poor planning and limited organization. Each month I will try to increase passive income until I reach the ultimate goal of have enough passive income to pay for my total monthly expenses.
  3. The business I created this month is Stuffdogswant (trademark pending). It is a company who simply makes products for dogs. So far we have created a variety of 100% cotton chew toys, and some other products are still in the R&D phase. The products have been tested and approval by my Boxer Dog Rosie. I also started a Boxer Club for dogs and owners in my area. Eventally, I would like to organize a dog walk for cancer. I'm thinking it'll have to be either this fall or next spring. I will get some sponsors (local pet stores, a radio station, animal shelter) and raise money and awareness for a charity.
  4. I did get featured in 5 different carinvals this month and recieved a few trackbacks. I'm happy I reached this goal, I also went above and beyond creating the Carnival of Future Millionaires.
  5. Networth did increase by more than $2000, here I was successful because I stuck to my budget.
Overall I did pretty well for my first month. I'm hoping to ride this wave of success into July. If you are interest in goal setting, which I highly recommend, check out this site about GOALS

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