Always read the fine print! Learn from my mistakes

Hopefully others will learn from my mistakes and avoid the same traps and pitfalls that have hindered my finances over the years. When I was younger I eagerly signed up for Columbia's House's Music club. They sold me with the advertisement of "18 CDs for one penny, only pay S+H". I was young and dumb, little did I know that I was agreeing to sign up for a subscription to their music club, which required me to purchase 6 CDs at regular price. I could cancel the subscription if I sent back all of the CD's and paid for shipping and handling. The regularly priced CD's ranged from $18.99-$20.99. I was so angry that I got duped into the subscription that I tried to get out of the club after only buying one CD at regular price, unsuccessfully. So I ended up spending $180 on 24 CD's which is still a decent price per CD at that time but the bad thing about it was that I was running out of CD's that I wanted to buy. I was so desparate to get out that I bought less than desirable CD's to fullfill my obligations. Ever since then I've always have been very suspicious of excellent deals and I am very cautions of any "money back guarantee" or "just pay shipping and handling". The lesson is to always know ahead of time what you are getting yourself into. Read the entire document if you are going to sign your name to it. Also research products and services before you purchase them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your mistake! Yeah, the record clubs are pretty shady and don't make their terms easily apparent.


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