Is the stock market headed for a crash?

In the next few years the baby boomers will be retiring. This is a very important fact to know, considering they make up a large portion of the population. How could this effect our economy. Baby boomers have a large amount of money invested in the stock market and when they start to sell their holdings - WATCH OUT! I believe that this will have a negative effect on our economy.

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  1. I say no. They will remove their money from the market in order to spend it, right? So if they spend it, those businesses that they spend money at will do quite well and their stock will go up because of that. Perhaps there might be a great buying opportunity in the future, but not all boomers will retire at the same time so the buy will be for a short time. I say watch biotech stocks and drug companies because they were once big time investments and if boomers pull out they will go down and then the boomers will be buying those drugs and the price of stock will rise.


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