Do you have what it takes to build a billion dollar business

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When I read that 9 in 10 business end in failure, I thought that the odds of starting a successful business were not in my favor. After a lot of thought I realized that 10% odds are really not that bad considering the odds of winning a million dollars in the lottery are about 1 in a 50 million, in fact you have better odds of getting struck by lighting (1 in 600,000). Why then do not more people start their own businesses? Reasons or excuses I can think of: it's too much work, it's too risky, I'm not smart enough, why should I start my own business? I already have a stable job, laziness, I don't have enough time (but I always have time to watch American Idol every week). I will try to start one business a month for the rest of the year. So I'll need to start 8 new businesses by the end of 2006. I know that I have a good chance of failing at first, but with great failure can come great learning. Hopefully the practice of starting new businesses will help my learn what works and what does not work. I'll be brainstorming and posting ideas. I've been doing some reading about new Billion Dollar businesses on CNN Money If you already have your own business take the test to see if you have what it takes for your business to break the billion dollar mark. The Billion Dollar Business Quiz Anyone else out there start their own business?

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