Best Personal Finance Books

What are the best books on personal finance/ saving/ investing/ increasing net worth that you have read? I've read a bunch of books on money including: The Millionaire Mind, The Millionaire Next Door, both by Thomas J. Stanley, How to Retire With a Million Dollars by Elaine Zimmerman, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Retire Young, Retire Rich, both by Robert Kiyosaki, The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money & Investing by Kennenth M. Morris and Virginia B. Morris. If I had to recommend one or two they would be:

1. The Millionaire Next Door

2. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanting Money & Investing

These two books will get you off to a good start, and as I find out more about Robert Kiyosaki, I would advise to be careful when reading his books, don't blindly accept everything he says as absolute truth.

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