Be Assertive and Get Your Money's Worth

A few days ago a great thing happened to me. I was trying to tighten the handle to the shower (because it was leaking) and the handle broke off. This isn't the great part. I was angry and frustrated, and began cursing immediately after I realized that I broke off a plastic part insight of the handle. I got in my car and drove to Home Depot, because there was no way I was gonna pay for a plumber for this easy fix. Well, to my dismay I found out the the part was not in stock and the line of products had been discontinued. Then I got on my computer to look for parts, I found a wholesale store selling a total replacement shower for $179 (argh!). Then I found the website for Sterling, which is now Kohler. I found the customer service number and gave them a call. I explained my situation to the represenative and she agreed to send me the replacement part for free. Three days later I received the part in the mail and I was able to fix my shower handle for free - horray. You don't realize how important things are until they are broken. The take home lesson: it is important to be assertive with big companies, call their customer service lines, where "every call is recorded and monitored for your protection". Most of the time they will do anything within their power to help you, that's there job providing the customer {YOU} with service. This of course depends if you actually have the pleasure of speaking with a real person rather than selecting you way through 25 different electronic option menus and then being put on hold. Don't lose hope, be patient, be assertive, and get your money's worth.

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