Who else is fed up with the gasoline prices?

If anyone wants to rant and rave about the high gas prices, feel free to post your comments here. Luckily I have a vehical that gets an efficient 40 miles per gallon. I really don't think many people have gone to extremes to change their ways. SUV manufactures report that first quarter profits have not been effected by high gas prices. Public transportation in the US still lags behind others. Trains, buses, and subway systems are still not widely used by those who have their own cars. Oil companies continue to be making record profits Exxon/Mobile is #1 moneymaker in the world. President Bush recently issued statements and plans to deal with gas prices. Read the article here to see what is being done

Does anyone drive a hybrid?

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  1. I drive a hybrid (Prius) and am not ranting about the gas prices either. Yesterday, my husband saw some woman being interviewed on TV as she commented that "she couldn't afford to fill the entire tank". She was driving a Hummer. GEEZ. Have to say, I don't feel bad for that person one iota. There are lots of options out there for people, but so many feel that they just can't live without an SUV. SUVs haven't been around forever. People lived without them before and can do so again. I wonder if the only thing that will break consumer addiction to oil is insane prices.

    I was also unhappy to see one of Bush's actions is to "temporarily suspend" the environmental restrictions for gasoline (making it easier for refineries to meet demand). I think he just made a bunch of his constituents (read "oil buddies") very happy.


    (PS - I would love to see your blog accept non-Blogger comments. I understand why you want to avoid Anonymous, but what about "other"? Good thing my old blogger account was still open from when I used to host there.)


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