How to Make a Million Dollars

If you are serious about making a million dollars then you need to be a great saver. It is possible for almost anyone to become a millionaire if they save enough money and invest it wisely over a long period of time. Figure out what your timeline is, the longer you have the easier it will be to reach your goal. The younger you are when you develop good saving habits the better off you will be later in life. I think that many people are not taught about finance until it is too late. We are all taught to be consumers at a very young age. TV commericals attempt to sell us everything from eye cream to cell phones. The advertisers are very clever making products seem like they will bring us happiness. They try to create a need for things we don't need.

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  1. good points! i feel impervious to advertising, for the most part. i buy what i need to get by, and not too much else. i try to share thoughts like the ones you just shared with my friends and family.....hopefully it will make a difference over time!


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