Surviving Mondays

Monday is the most depressing day of the week for a majority of people. For many companies Mondays and Fridays are the worst days for production because the employees are either still recovering from the weekend or preparing to relax. Get in the right mindset. Prepare to conquer the night before. To get a head start on the week write down some goals you want to accomplish for that week and take a look at your schedule. Doing this helps to focus your mind. For extra credit schedule in some relaxing activites and some fun things that you'll be able to look forward to during the week. In order to get through Monday you need to think like an optimist and change your perspective. Look at the glass as half full. Another quick tip is to lay out the clothes you will wear for tommorrow the night before. This will help save some valuable time in the morning. If you are ready to go on Monday you'll be able to get things done while others are looking sluggish. If you walk into work with a smile and a full head of steam, people will notice, not just any people, but people who are likely to give you a promotion. So next week don't let the others (complainers and whiners) get you down. Rise above the crowd and excel in whatever you do.

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