Be Like MacGuyver

Instead of paying for a professional to fix things, do it yourself and save a bundle. Anytime you are unable to do something you usually have to pay someone else to do it. For example if you are having car problems and are unable to fix it yourself, you need to take it to a mechanic to fix it. If your faucet leaks and you do not know how to fix it, you need to hire a plumber to fix it. If you do not know how to do your taxes, you take it to someone who knows how to fill out the forms. If your computer is broken and you don't know how to fix it you take it to someone who can fix it. All of these examples are simple problems that take a little effort and knowledge to fix. If you are not a specialist in fix it projects, then you are probably throwing money away. I will always try to solve the problem before paying someone else to solve it. Anyone can give it a shot right. Many things are easy after you do a little reading on the subject, and hey you may learn a thing or two. The Key is to determine whether or not it is a job you can handle yourself or if you really need a pro.
I am proud of the fact that I have successfully completed a number of do-it-yourself projects including: building a computer, fixing a leaky shower, fixing a leaky toilet, painting my entire home, doing my own taxes, trouble-shooting car problems, set up my own home business, started making more money after doing some research, set up a successful website and blog etc.
In future postings I will outline how to do different projects yourself, please comment to let me know what people are most interested in.

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