How to Make a Million Dollars

Step one do some research.

Where to search? The web. Search on,, etc. Find some worthwhile leads. After about an hour or two I found a bunch of crap and a few worthwhile ideas. Any website that was asking for money I classify in the crap section, because if I had enough money then I could do some savy investing and not need to spend any time on this million dollar mission. I found two good sites that I will recommend to anyone that wants to really profit, without having to dump a lot of money into the project. Check out A detailed guide on how to make a million by setting up your own businesses. Another site that I found helpful and interesting: A motivator, who also runs his own businesses is running a million dollar experiment. Basically he is wishing for the money to come to him, I doubt this will work, but the sight is interesting. I also read about a kid who sold pixals on a blank website as ad space and netted a cool 1 million in just over 4months

So far there are a couple legal ways to make a million

1. Start your own business and be successful
2. Invest in the stock market wisely and get a high return of about 10% interest on your money
3. Win the lottery
4. Marry rich
5. Win a lawsuit
6. Inherit money
7. Attract a lot of traffic to your website and allow advertisements

all of these ideas are from Marshall Brain's website except for #7

1,3,4,6,7 do not require money to make money

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