The survey sites have finally started to pay me.

I have been paid $11 by one survey site through Paypal so far and I have another $14 waiting at other sites (I have not yet reached the payment threshold). After some simple calculation I have found that I make around 50 cents an hour working on surveys. This is not a very good use of my time since I make over $29 an hour at my job. As for blogging it is really little work and all reward since I enjoy writing as a hobby and don't see it as something I have to do. I have almost finished my expose on survey sites and it will be out next month. I was curious about adding another source of passive income and although it has not been very profitable it has been enlightening. I am have already surpassed my goal of double the blog's income this month and believe next month will be much harder unless I really start to put some honest work and time in. I realize that there is no comment button on the posts for now (I was getting a lot of spam) but I'll be making some changes for next month. If you have any suggestions or things your interested in click on the contact button and let me know. I plan to write a short series on how to get a new heating/cooling system for half the price with government rebates. We recently updated and upgraded at our house after going through an energy audit, sealing, installation, and testing our house is much more energy efficient.

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