How I make money with this blog

There are several ways that I make money from writing this blog. Originally, I did not start this blog for monetary gain, but as time went on, requests from advertisers started rolling in. I added Google Adsense to the site as well as Text - Link Ads. Once in a while I will write an entry for Blogvertise or PayPerPost. I also use Linkworth and have used Adbrite in the past. I am currently a three digit blogger and am proud of that considering the limited amount of time I spend writing on this site. In addition to money I receive requests to review different products and books. Most of the books are financial books and many times are interesting and helpful. Why am I telling you all of this? Why is this important? It is very easy to do and can be very profitable. I am telling you this because you can create your own blogger blog and make some extra cash if you chose. My goal is to become a four digital blogger, and eventually be able to pay for may mortgage just through blog income. Each month I'll post my earnings to keep track, and you can follow along if you like.

November 2008
Google Adsense = $22.58
TextLinked Ads =$47.21
Private Ads =$35
Blogvertise =$3
Total =$107.79

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