Festival of Under 30 Finances is BACK!

My personal favorite for this week comes from ChristianPF, go check it out!

Welcome to the November 5, 2007 edition of festival of under 30 finances.

ChristianPF presents The Best of Everything in 2007 posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "Kiplinger’s just came out with their best list of 2007. In it they cover a wide range of services and products they have ranked. Here are a few that stood out to me."

Ana presents Start early for retirement savings! posted at DebtFREE-Revolution.

cashmoneylife presents 7 Tips to Protect Your Items When Moving posted at Cash Money Life, saying, "I moved quite a few times when I was in my early twenties (I'm late 20's now...). Here are a few tips I learned along the way.

Thanks for hosting the carnival. :)


Ryan Russell presents Map Out Your Financial Future posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Learn to balance your income statement and understand how your future cash flow will be 6 months, 12 months and 3 years from now."

R.Pettinger presents Student Guide To Mortgages posted at Economics Blog, saying, "Some tips for student who are thinking of buying a house."

David presents How to use this Blog to help you Start your own Business posted at, saying, "This blog was written to help entrepreneurs find the “technical” information to help them start their own business. This post will be the index of this blog, and it will be updated as I ad more information."

George Courtney jr presents What a Weak Dollar Means for U.S. Shoppers posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

David presents Introduction to Business Lines of credit, how this loan can help you solve your Working Capital needs posted at, saying, "With a line of credit, you can make use of monies up to a maximum amount set by the bank. You pay interest only on the amount that you use."

Matthew Paulson presents Why it’s a Great Time to buy a Sport Utility Vehicle posted at Getting Green.

Ian Welsh presents Bernanke Cuts Another Quarter posted at The Agonist, saying, "What this means for you is simple enough: the prices of food, heating oil and transportation will keep going up. If you're in an inflated housing market, expect the value of your main asset to drop. And expect inflation to break out from food and energy into a lot of consumer goods."

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  1. Just curious, what is the requirement that we must meet to submit article to the Festival of 30 finances? I found that there are a certain theme each week for the carnival. however, I found that some of the posts listed are not matching with the theme. I'm really confuse with this and don't dare to submit my article...

  2. Harrison,

    In response to your observation. You are right, lately some crappy articles that are off subject are getting into the carnival. I'llh ave to make it more difficult to qualify and really weed out the junk. Thank you for your comment and I will do my best to improve the carnival. I hope you are inspired to participate once I have all the bugs fixed.



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