Part 1 Future Millionaires: Million Dollar Ideas

million dollar ideas

The Carnival of Future Millionaires had over 200 entries so I decided to break it down into a few different parts. The first part has to do with million dollar ideas.

Helen Filatova presents Money Making TV Shows posted at Make Money Smart.

Ruben presents How to Become the Next Millionaire Blogger posted at Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine.

David presents Millionaire Bloggers posted at Worldwide Success.

WBL presents Is Gold a Good Investment posted at Wealth Building Lessons, saying, "WBL talks about whether its a good time to invest in Gold"

Alex Z presents Investing In Mutual Funds: The Advantages posted at Funds Zine, saying, "Investing in mutual funds for simple people"

David presents 7 Steps To Get A Loan For Your Business | Guideye posted at, saying, "7 Steps to help obtain a loan for your business"

WBL presents Beware The Chinese Stock Market posted at Adventures in Money Making, saying, "Time to bail on the Chinese Stock market"

David presents One Million Dollars Generators posted at Worldwide Success.

skits2 presents Join The Millionaires Club posted at Savvy Affiliate, saying, "Think you can't create a million dollar blog? Think again. With a little work and persistance you can become one of the next great bloggers"

Sagar Satapathy presents How Credit Card Rate Jacks Actually Work posted at Credit Card Lowdown.

myfirstmillion presents Millionaire?s club posted at My First Million, saying, "the journey towards my first million"

Sagar Satapathy presents How To: Stop Receiving Credit Card Offers posted at Credit Card Lowdown.

Nenad Ristic presents Money Conciousness » 10 Reasons to Join eVo posted at Money Conciousness.

Derek Brown presents In September All Of America Will Know - Preview It First - Today! posted at Digital Storme | Life On The Web, saying, "Seabiotics is honored to accept an award from William Shatner and Heartbeat of America. Planting the Flag in communities across America certainly helps to keep America strong. 10 Million households across America will see this national networked television broadcast! YOU can Preview and Review it RIGHT NOW! Get your seat in FRONT of the line!


Irene presents Three Secrets Behind The Success Of “The Secret” posted at the unstitution, saying, "A semi-satirical look at the success behind The Secret"

WBL presents Wealth Building Lessons » Blog Archive » What’s Asset Allocation? posted at Wealth Building Lessons, saying, "Whats all the fuss about Asset Allocation?"

Empty Spaces presents Buying Pre-construction Properties In Baja Mexico posted at Adventures in Money Making, saying, "Explores whats the fuss about investing in Mexico."

Larry Russell presents Roth IRA Contributions versus Traditional IRA Contributions for Renters posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog, saying, "What if Fran and Fred make 100% of their annual IRA contributions into Roth IRA accounts rather than into traditional IRA accounts? To find out the answer to this question, Fran and Fred modeled their lifetime cash, bond, and stock fund assets in both taxable and tax-deferred IRA accounts. In effect, Fran and Fred are testing whether paying taxes now or later would have a higher or lower lifetime value."

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents The Millionaire Mommy Next Door Recipe for Success, Wealth & Happiness posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, "A bona fide millionaire mommy shares her recipe for success, happiness, and wealth. I share my personal success story and ideas on how you and your children can acquire the tools necessary to power your own financial freedom."

George Courtney jr presents Millionaire Making Assets posted at The Authentic Bartender Blog.

Uni presents Make money helping people! For FREE! posted at You Deserve More, saying, "Make an unlimited amount of money helping people for FREE!"

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents Frugal Millionaires? The Key To Wealth Accumulation posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, "Before we reached our million dollar milestone, I thought millionaires lived an extraordinary lifestyle replete with fancy sports cars, mansions, and plenty of bling. I thought one could name a millionaire just by looking at her. I was wrong."

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