Keep it simple. Stay on track

If a million dollars seems like an unreachable goal. Set yourself up with short-term and midterm goals. Break it down to saving $100 a month or even $20 a week. Once you reach your short-term goals continue until you are able to reach bigger goals. Celebrate reaching savings milestones, but don't celebrate by going on a shopping spree that would defeat the purpose. My current goals include saving an extra $100 a month to fund an Roth IRA and investment account. I would also like to build up my savings by $24,000 each year. That would mean saving at least $2000 dollars a month. It may take a few years before my savings account start to build a lot of interest. My midterm goal is to have at least twice my current yearly income in savings ($120,000) by the time I reach 40. I think I'll have about $30,000 in my 401k by 30, and hopefully ($120,000) by the time I'm 40. Then I'll be able to cruise into my 50th not having to worry about retirement.

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