There's a better search engine than Google

Ahh, the Age of Information. These days information is abundant and accessible, the key to surviving is being able to cut through the crap quickly to get to the good stuff. Crap meaning irrelevant, uninformed, false, drivel pouring from the minds of kids, company driven propaganda, shameless scam artists, impostors, and wannabe journalists. The faster you are able to decide and determine what is good and what isn't the faster you'll get what you want. Google is not the best search engine, you are, because you know exactly what you are looking for, Google's complex mathematical equation doesn't take into account the sum total of your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You are better than Google, Google is just a tool to help you. Sometimes tools are helpful, sometimes your better figuring things out for yourself. Once you find some good stuff, golden truth, save it, share your find to help spread the good stuff. Example: If you are trying to improve your financial situation find the best financial sites, a few known entities and a few personal blogs, and once you got a good mix of what suits your tastes, intellect and needs, burn the feeds so you don't have to go searching around each time you have a question or need some information.

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