March has been my most profitable month to date

Each month my blog has made me more money. Ultimate goal for 2007 is make $1000 a month from this website.

Linkworth $30
Adsense > $25
Payperpost $61
Blogvertise $5

Goal for March $100
Total for March $121

Goal for April $150

How to get there add a few more passive income links. Switch over to my own domain.


  1. Hi There,

    Just found your blog via one of the directories :)
    Was wondering if you'd like to exchange links ?
    Good luck on your journey, there are a bunch of us "doubling our way to a million", thought you might like to read about us and how we are doing it :D


    The Doubling Challenge

  2. I'm not doubling my way to a million but that a good motivational idea. I'm simply getting there the best ways I know how. Make money, save money, grow wealth. Thanks for your thoughts

  3. Came across your Blog here. It is good to see how others are making money online. It appears that you basically drive traffic to your site and hope and pray that they click on your every link.

    It seems like a lot of work to build all of this for 10 dollars here and 20 dollars there...just my opinion, though I do give you props for doing it. You are way beyond most others, who just sit around wishing they knew how to do what you do.

    Keep chugging away. You have the vision in front of you and you will get there. Though it may not be the way you think you will get there...just leave yourself open for what comes your way. This is what I learned: if you hold the vision you do NOT have to hold the how, the universe will provide that for you.

    Enjoy the ride and don't force it.

    Jeremy S.Collins


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