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Deciding on advanced education to further my career. Right now I make about $60,000 a year as a RN. I get about a 66% of that after taxes and then only save about 20% of that. It will take a very long time at this rate to make a million dollars and save a million dollars at this rate. Not to mention the unexpected costs of fixing up my home and plans to start a family. $60,000 a year in Jersey is rough to support a family. I love my job and working 3 days a week allows me a lot of flexibility. I'm currently working two jobs and only work 4 days a week, allowing time for other interests: training for a marathon, investing, blogging, business start-up, etc. I see this track has little advancement and I look at co-workers who've been there for upwards of 20 years, and I don't want that to be me (that's my motivation). Yes I do get a modest annual 3% raise but that hardly combats interest and cost of living increases. So the decision is to invest time and money into my most valuable brain.

Options for career advancement I'm considering:
  1. Go back to school and become a nurse practioner - hours vary salary (60,000-100,000)
  2. Go back to school and become a nurse anesthetist - hours vary (100,000-180,000)
I would like to be able to support my family and not have to worry about finances.

Switching to my own domain name searching for a host server. Know a good one?

Looking for a internet brokerage to start investing in stocks. Know a good one?


  1. MM - try I think they are currently running a $1.99 special for a domain name (although you need to check the fine prints to be sure).

    I have all my stock money with Vanguard, but have heard that Zecco is a good low-cost brokerage.

  2. Thanks Wanda, GoDaddy seems pretty good, Zecco requires a $2,500 account to start. I'll have to come up with a good name and get to it.

  3. I use for webhosting and it's great. $10/mo. for lots of freedoms. You can probably find something cheaper, but it depends on what you're looking.

    Vanguard is great. They do my 401k, but for individual stock investing, you may need to have a starting balance of 2 or 3 grand.


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