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I went for the carrot. One day while I was innocently shopping at The Express, I purchased a few things (a shirt, pants, and a slick pair of sunglasses) for a total of $165. When I went to the cashier they offered me a 15% discount if I signed-up for an Express credit card, I agreed and then I was done. Got the credit card bill later that month and paid it off in full. Then the card sat in my drawer for 3 years. It also sat on my credit report, I didn't realize that the account was still active until I saw the Express Card on my credit report. I immediately closed it out. That was a stupid mistake, never open up a line of credit that you will not use, and never sign up for a cheap discount. Don't make the same mistake and dirty up your credit rating. If you want any information about credit, what it is, how to use it, and how to fix your score up check out Bad Credit Repair. It's a decent site packed full of information.

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