You're better than that!

Stop wasting your time watching life on television. You're better than that. A majority of Americans know more about TomKat and BrAngelina than they know about their own families. What is our obsession with obsence wealth and fame? Are you happy with your life? You should be. If you're not, change it. Change is difficult because it requires work. Push yourself out of your usually routine and try something new. Learn, share, feel, do, in all areas of your life. What do I do for the good of humanity? Not that much right now, other than help people heal, teach people how to help themselves, and really listen when people need to talk. I know that I'm better than that and can do more. Experience and evolve and give everything you can. We only have a short time here, make good use of your time. OkDork inspired this post check out it's cool.

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