I love this paid advertisement by PaidPerPost

The following is a paid advertisement by PaidPerPost.

I love PaidPerPost it allows me to make a few dollars while blogging. The money I make from PPP will go directly to a savings account. I will try to make at least $10 from PPP which comes out to $120 a year. Put that directly into a high yield savings account or money market account which paypal offers and I'll be set. Once the account reaches a nice amount say $1200 is 10 years put that right into a Roth IRA and let it grow. Continue the process 5 times and then I'll have $10,000 + depending on the percent return. Some bloggers have already earned over $3000 from PPP, which is nice that could be put right into a Roth and almost max it out. I don't see myself of being that dedicated to taking every opportunity that I can, but we'll see. Again this will posting will be specifically to raise money. PaidPerPost transfers money right into my Paypal Account, it's very easy to do and almost effortless to write what is required. PPP is a blog marketing tool that allows bloggers to make money and advertisers to create buzz.

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