Attack of the Credit Card Sharks!

Everywhere you turn it seems like someone is out to get your money. Ever pass by a credit card stand where people are offering tokens or trinkets for signing up for a new credit card? I fell into this pathetic trap at college. There was an MBNA stand giving away free Penn State t-shirts or a hat when you sign up for their card. My friends said fill it out falsely and get the free shirt, I filled out my true info because I didn't want to lie on the application. Then I got stuck with the card for the next 6 years (never had a late fee). This is not how to sign up for a credit card. Do not get sucked in by a card shark. They lurk in malls, at college campuses, and at most major sporting events. Never sign up at one of these boths. If you are going to get a credit card, shop around. Find one that meets your needs, don't get it just for the prize that comes with it.


  1. I noticed that in the airport when I was flying back from visiting my family. I wanted to flip over the tables like Jesus did to the money changers in the temple!

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