More money more problems - True or False?

True or False?

The more money you have the more problems it causes you. The Notorious BIG once said this in one of his songs called 'Mo Money Mo Problems' do you agree with his philosophy? Leave a comment of yes or no.

More money causes more problems for those who can't manage their money. Just look at lottery winners who find themselves a few years later worse off than before. I disagree. I believe in 'Mo Debt, Mo Problems' or the more debt you have the more problems you are going to face. The more debt you pile up by using credit cards and cashing in all your home equity to live the high life, the worse off you'll be in the long run. It's not worth buying things you can't afford now just because you can not delay your gratification. Don't try to keep up with the Jones, because the Jones are in debt "up to their eyeballs" just like that guy riding around on his lawnmower in the commerial.

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