Recap of September

September's Revenue - not counting my job

Adsense - 16.21
Text ads - 4.25
Ebay - 16.50

Total = $36.96

I did not submit my posts to any blog carnivals and ran the Carnival of Millionaire's once this month. How to make a million (HOTMAM) is still coming up as #4 on MSN and ranks high in many search engines. I got my first revenue from a text advertisement this past month, and will try to expand on this in the future. I did not post as much because of being very busy with work and selling the condo. I am a little perturbed that the housing market has fallen flat on it's face. Many sources I've read point to a depression, and I hope interest rates decrease to spur more buyers. All in all not a bad month, considering the minimal amount of effort put forth. I have to make about $30 through the site before I can start investing. I am considering reformatting due to problems with site layout.

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