Use the invisible grip to negotiate.

I read an interesting article about the power of the "invisble grip" which is basically eye-contact and learned a few things about negotiating.
  1. People may become uncomfortable when forced to make eye contact
  2. People may feel confronted or threatened when making eye contact
  3. People may drop prices if you stare at them.
When I was vacationing in Mexico, we went to a Playa De Carmen. We walked down a street busy with noise and music, shops, and foods. We walked into a shop and looked around, asking about the price of certain pieces. I wanted to buy a clay mask, but I didn't want to pay a lot for a souvenir. The owner came over and talked to me about what a great piece I was looking at and quoted me a price the equivalent of $50. I didn't show any real interest, but continued to examine the piece, he continued to drop the price in $5 increments until it was $30 (his final offer) I walked away because I only had a $20. When I got to the door of the shop he shouted out $20, but that's it (I have a wife and family etc.). Anyway I ended up getting the mask for what I thought was a fair price without having to haggle. Next time I'll have to try having a staring contest with the salesman to get a discount.

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