The 4 greatest ways to create wealth

After rigorous research I have found that there are only a few great ways to create wealth. There are as follows:

  1. ENTREPENUER - Start your own successful business - trademark it, make it into a franchise, find good people to run it for you. The risk is great, and so is the reward. The amount of wealth you can create is limitless. The ultimate would be to create a company, and take it public, much in the fashion of Microsoft or Google.
  2. INVESTOR - Invest in stocks - if you are able to pick out great companies and get in on a large amount of their IPO (initial public offerings of stock) at a low price, you can make a great amount of money. You can easily make hundreds of times the amount of money you put in, in a few years. Or you could try real estate, which is also very popular. Renting out a house, a condo, or apartments, buildings, warehouses, can bring in a lot of passive income. In this racket timing is everything.
  3. WORKER - Become a specialist, or excel in your field as a employee. Be the best at what you do. As an expert people will seek out your services.
  4. ARTIST - Again using your creative powers, to succeed in music, or art (writing, acting), and using your fame to your advantage.

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