The World Cup and it's effect on the stock market

The World Cup rages on. Today's matches were especially entertaining. I was very disappointed in the referee. It was unnecessary to dole out a total of 3 red cards in the match. I digress, I believe the stock market "correction" was due to the world's interest in the World Cup. For those who don't know, Americans, the World Cup is the tournament of tournaments, the championship of the world in soccer, known to all others as football. The world is so interested in the games and cheering on their respective countries that they do not care about buying and selling stocks. That's what caused the dip. Because the World Cup is the premiere event those companies who are set to profit are those who are advertising in the stadiums and at commerical breaks. Namely Nike and Jose +10, Adidas, AIG, and others. These companies will do well and so will others that sell soccer apparelle and flags. Just take a look into the stands at the match.

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