Creating your own company

In order to create your own company you first need to have is a name and a product. My first company is called "Stuffdogswant". I read a book about trademarks and found that you can apply and get registered with the Federal Trademark Registry for about $365. You are free to create a name and use it, before registering as long as it doesn't sound like another company's name or confuse consumers. I created this company to attempt to bring in a little cashflow from my household inventions, I use to keep my dog busy and my house intact. Being a the proud owner of a 1.5 year old boxer named Rosie, I find minor damages to furniture and woodwork from time to time. In order to decrease the damages I've come up with the DoorShield - which does what it says, and basically protects your door from scratching and paint stripping. I also invented the SlobberGuard - a nifty device for your car to prevent the window and doorsill from getting slobberized by your dog when going on car trips. I also created a line of chew toy products called Tasty-Knots. This is my first company, and hopefully it will do alright. Check out Boxer Dog Rosie for more information. If you are interested in building a corporation, then find out how you can do it online.

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