Back from the Bahamas

I just got back from the Bahamas last night, I was on vacation. It was excellent. The Atlantis is a very nice hotel/resort on Paradise Island and I would definately recommend it. It was a great trip, good food, snorkeling, sun, sand, and surf. The weather was beautiful and the water was gorgeous. One of the day we took a boat trip on a catamaran. We sailed to a smaller island and we went snorkling over a coral reef and saw a lot of different tropical fish. The Atlantis has enormous aquariums with schools of fish. There is a waterslide and a shark tank. There is a humungous manta ray named Zeus. There was a festival called Junkanoo going on, full of dancing and music. I had blackened Grupper and plantans with rice - delicious. If you can afford to go the Bahamas, then go there. If you budget for your vacation then you will be able to take a nice relaxing trip. Be sure to budget for it, so you can relax instead of worry about how much everything costs. I'll be publishing less often, but hopefully lengthen the articles with more interesting/relevant content. On vacation I was able to do some more reading. I'm still interested in real estate, and am learning the game slowly but surely. I actually found a condo in the Bahamas for about $198,000 comparable to the prices and size of the properties in the area I live and NJ is definately not a tropical paradise.

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