Wouldn't it be nice to trade Trash for Cash?

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We have all seen TV shows like Clean Sweep on TLC where a couple holds a large garage sale and nets a cool $1000 in after a day of furious selling. We have all heard of the strange items that people are able to sell on eBay! , but now I want you to think bigger, dirtier, more globally. I recently read a very interesting article on CNNMoney about a business grossing over 70 million dollars a year selling salvaged materials (fancy word for junk). Dubbed as a "digital dump" by Fortune Small Business the company SalvageSale is really proving the saying 'one man's garbage is another man's treasure." Another company with has cashed in on the JUNK business is a Canadian based company that specializes in junk removal. Call them up at 1 800 Got Junk if you need some trash taken away. Last year Got Junk got 67 million dollars for hauling and is well on its way to breaking the 1 Billion dollar mark, due to it's exponential growth.

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